About Polly and her Craft

Hello lovely craft lovers, My name is Polly and I totally adore making dolls. I have started this blog to present my lovely creatures to the wider audience and possibly, get even more inspiring orders!

I was interested in crafts all my life, started to learn embroidery from my Granny as a little girl (she still keeps my first works, will post them here some day and if one thinks that children and needles don't go together, I can prove you wrong!). I believe that people turn to craft nowadays due to lack of real aesthetic inspirations. We are, indeed surrounded by mass-manufactured good, which can be pretty, but lack the all-so-important uniqueness. I turn to craft, as 'making things' makes me happy and relaxed. Turning ideas into pictures and then pictures into objects feels a tiny-winy bit like magic to me ( Harry Potter generation talking!). 

As the Art Psychotherapy Trainee (studying towards MA), I truly believe in therapeutic qualities of crafts and arts (and yes, I think in this specific order). Repetitiveness of crafting processes juxtaposed with an ability to hold to the finished object makes craft this tiny bit more special too me. 

I live in London, moved here over 5 years ago and made this place my home-away-from home. Originally from Poland, I grew up in a world where craft is much of a Nanny-thing. Doing it today, I believe that my dolls can be a great gift for kids, teens and adults likewise. I am happy to discuss any particular orders by email: pollybear@rocketmail.com and make every doll the most unique gift one can imagine. I use embroidery on felt and fabric, mixed fabrics and all my dolls are detailed. I tend to aim at rather minimalist designs, always ending up with something totally opposite, making my customers praise me for attention to details and personal approach. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Oh, and I love cats. Picture: me and my buddy Krakers

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